School Exchange Programs and International Tour Co-ordinator

The School Exchange Programs and International Tour Co-ordinator will play a pivotal role in overseeing the School’s international experiences. They will help coordinate and develop programs that foster global awareness and cultural understanding among our students. This role requires a passionate educator with strong organisational skills, cultural understanding, and a commitment to providing enriching international experiences that aim to assist girls in developing positive relationships with others, understanding a broader range of perspectives, and developing the knowledge and skills needed to live as global citizens.

Role: School Exchange Programs and International Tour Co-ordinator

Reporting to: Victoria Rennie

FTE: 0.2 FTE

Start Date 01/01/2024

Classification: Level 1 Leadership

Program Development

  • Develop existing school exchange programs that align with the educational goals of the School.
  • Research and establish new and exciting international learning exchanges and experiences.
  • Collaborate with key staff to integrate international experiences into deep learning experiences and ensure that programs contribute to student's academic and personal growth.
  • Assist staff in the organisation of international tours such as study tours, subject-specific tours, and co-curricular tours.

    Logistics and Co-ordination

    Student Exchanges

    • Liaise with partner schools and organisations globally to facilitate school exchange programs, ensuring a smooth and enriching experience for both visiting and hosting students.
    • Work with Deans and Year Coordinators to select students for each exchange opportunity.
    • Conduct student information sessions ensuring clarity and transparency of responsibilities, rules, and regulations relating to student exchanges.
    • Assist with the organising and delivery of student exchange events including pre-departure briefings, orientation programs, and exchange presentations of office administrative procedures and systems.
    • Review and manage host families for suitability (unless the exchange is a boarding exchange program).
    • Send relevant student biographies to ensure exchange students can be partnered in the best possible way.
    • Facilitate meetings between past and present host parents to give advice and support.
    • Liaise with the Registrar, Year Coordinator, Uniform shop, and AbbSchool over subjects, uniforms, and activities of exchange students.
    • Serve as point of contact for inbound students and refer them to the necessary support groups and resources as appropriate.
    • Serve as point of contact for inbound students’ parents and provide wellbeing updates and reports.
    • Where relevant - assist host school staff visiting Abbotsleigh by organising timetables, assisting with entertainment and transport and ensuring they have adequate contact with their students and host families.
    • Provide international support and assistance to our students and families whilst they are away.

    International Tours

    • Assist staff to oversee all logistical aspects of international tours, including risk assessments, travel arrangements, accommodation, transportation, and itinerary planning so that there is consistency of approach across the Senior School.

    Risk and Financial Management

    • Implement robust safety and risk management protocols to ensure the well-being of students during international travel.
    • Stay informed about travel advisories and health-related guidelines, providing timely updates to students, parents, and staff.
    • Develop and manage budgets for international programs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adherence to financial guidelines.

    Communication and Outreach

    • Communicate regularly with students, parents, and school staff to share information about upcoming international programs and school exchange opportunities.
    • Develop materials to promote international experiences through various platforms.

    This position is appropriate for a member of staff who has an interest in international education, global perspectives, and social dynamics, and who possesses a high level of cultural sensitivity.

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